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When The Pawari Calls: Dang's Windpipe Instruments

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


The pawari is an indigenous wind instrument of the Dangis, made using a long dried gourd, and decorated with ribbons or peacock feathers. It is most used in the Dang Darbar, an annual Dangi festival held on Holi, and in Dungardev during the performance of the Bhaya Nritya.

The Pawari is made from scratch by the Dangi people from six components: Bottle gourd, Bamboo, Beeswax, Ox Horn, Bhindi Seeds, and a small piece of tin as explained in the video below!


Other Dangi Wind Instruments include the Kahalya or Kahali played during the Kahalya dance, which is used to play high and different notes, and Sur, which is used as bass.

The Dangi people playing Sur (right) & Kahalya (left)

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