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Vaghdev: Tigers, Snakes, Peacocks, and Protection

At the entrance of almost every Dangi village are stones called Vaghdev, illustrated with lions, peacocks, snakes, and the moon and sun. Each of the five symbols on the Vaghdev represent a deity worshipped by the Dangi people.

The Vaghdev, which translates to 'Tiger God' but is used to refer to all 5 deities, are worshipped every year on Vaghbaras and Nag Panchami. The deities are offered eggs, and a hen is sacrificed in their honour.

The Vaghdev (Tiger) is worshiped for to protect the villagers and their cattle from the tiger's attacks. The Nagdev (Snakes), which are present in high populations in Dang, to prevent snake bites. The Mayurdev (Peacock), known to dance in the rain, is worshipped to bring rainfall to the Dang, and the Suryadev (Sun), which provides light for the crops, and Chandradev (Moon), for their role in the prosperity of agricultural yield.

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