About Us

Dang Culture has twofold aims: to foster awareness and appreciation of Dangi cultures and customs and to empower the Dangi people. It was founded by Ananya Jain in 2020 and has since partnered with the Rotary Community Corps Silver Lining, as well as the Setu Cooperative. 

Ananya Jain is a high school student from Surat, Gujarat. She is an avid admirer of the arts and was motivated to take up this project after seeing the 'When The Pawari Calls' series in an exhibition. Despite having made several trips to Dang, she realised she had never known about the culture captured in Bhairavi's art. She then reached out to the artist to learn more about Dang's cultural richness and heritage, leading to the conception of this project.



We are indebted to the people of Dang who have openly welcomed us and shared their stories with us. Our deepest gratitude lies with the following people: 

Bhairavi Modi is an artist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She studied Creative Painting at M.S University, Vadodara. Bhairavi's first interaction with Dang culture was in the Saputara museum, where she came across masks made by the people of Dang. These masks ultimately led her, years later, to journey into the forest and capture the brilliance of their culture, along with her artistic interpretations, and paint her series. She has largely inspired the project and has played an integral role in the documentation of Dangi Culture. 

Dayabhai Vadhu, a Dangi scholar, who

answered countless questions, and gave us invaluable information. If you come across any insight on the Dangi people, chances are that Dayabhai has made huge contributions. 

Dr. Utpala Desai, from Gujarat University whose inputs and thesis ('Tradition and change in performing art forms of Dangi tribal: a critical study') has proved to be invaluable to this project. 

​​Suryabhai Goswami, who was very generous in answering all of our questions. 

Shitalbhai, a school teacher from Subir Village who shared his experiences, and stories.

Gautambhai, a Gramshilpi who is helping us immensely in the Support Dang project. Without him, this project may not have kick-started.

Vidhya Marfatia, a travel agent by profession is helping to promote the Support Dang project in a big way.


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